Showing posts from January, 2018 | Could one cigarette a day kill you?

Even a minimal amount of smoking can do damage – even if you're not a regular smoker. Here's why.
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Stand up -- it could help you lose weight

You might want to read this on your feet. A new study found that standing instead of sitting for six hours a day could prevent weight gain and help people to actually lose weight.
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Chlorinated lipids predict lung injury and death in sepsis patients

Researchers studied blood samples taken from patients diagnosed with sepsis and found that elevated chlorinated lipids predicted whether a patient would go on to suffer acute respiratory distress symptom (ARDS) and die within 30 days from a lung injury.
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How can students with autism be supported through college?

Thirty years ago it was rare for a student with ASD to enter college. But over the past decades, there has been much improvement in the detection and awareness of ASD in children. Now, with the provision of effective treatments, those with average or above average intellectual abilities are enrolling at universities.
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Small molecule plays a big role in reducing cancer's spread

One small molecule that helps regulate gene expression plays a big role in keeping us safe from the machinations of cancer, scientists report. In human lung cancer cells, they have shown low levels of the microRNA, miR-125a-5p, which enables the death of aberrant cells like cancer cells, correlates with high levels of the protein TIMP-1, which is already associated with a poor prognosis in patients with cancer.
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Southwest Black Bean Egg Muffins

Southwest Black Bean Egg Muffins are a protein and fiber packed, zero Weight Watchers points, breakfast or snack that can be made ahead of time and enjoyed all week long. These healthy egg muffins are packed with veggies, hearty black beans, and the perfect amount of spice.Breakfast egg muffins are one of my favorite breakfast meals.  You can make endless combinations and they are filling and portable.  To make twelve muffins,  I usually use either 8 whole eggs or a combination of 4 egg whites and 4 whole eggs. Then I add in veggies, lean protein sources, and cheese. For this version I decided on a combination of black beans, peppers, and red onion.  I left out the cheese since I am trying to cut back, but some shredded cheddar or qoat cheese would be delicious mixed in.The other thing I love about this particular egg muffin recipe is that the black beans add fiber and filling power. While some egg muffins may leave you hungry a few hours later, these muffins have more staying power. …

Maternal age over 40 is associated with an increased risk of preterm birth

Pregnant mothers aged 40 and over may have an increased risk for preterm birth, regardless of confounding factors, according to a new study.
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Medical News Today: What you should know about a punctured lung

A look at punctured lung, a condition where air escapes from the lung into the chest cavity. Included is detail on the causes and outlook.
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ID'ing features of flu virus genome may help target surveillance for pandemic flu

Researchers have identified features of the influenza virus genome that affect how well the virus multiplies. These features are similar but not identical across viral strains. It's possible that the extent of similarity between strains influences whether two flu viruses can mix their genetic material to make a hybrid virus with the potential to explode into pandemic flu.
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Body movements just need a 'puff' of dopamine to get started

A new study in mice suggests that a burst of dopamine levels at the beginning of a movement only, as opposed to all the time, is what gets us going. This may have important implications for treating Parkinson's disease.
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Hardening of the arteries

A team of researchers has advanced the scientific understanding of abnormal mineral accumulation in arteries, a complication often seen in patients with chronic kidney disease and diabetes. Mineralized arteries may affect heart functions, leading to death in some instances.
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'Anxiety cells' identified in the brain's hippocampus

Researchers have identified cells in the brains of mice that indicate when the animal is anxious.
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The amazing flexibility of red blood cells

Red blood cells must be flexible to squeeze through tiny capillaries to deliver oxygen. Chemists have now discovered the secret of this flexibility: a 2-D triangular mesh, like a geodesic dome, underlies the membrane, each strut made of the protein spectrin, which is like a spring allowing the mesh and membrane to bend and flex. Super-resolution microscopy revealed fine detail of the mesh and structural components, which are half the size earlier reported.
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Medical News Today: What is this bump on my eyelid?

Learn all about the different types of bump that can appear on the eyelids. This article examines their causes and treatment options.
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HPV may lurk in your throat

Researchers found human papilloma virus (HPV), the culprit behind cervical and head and neck cancers, hiding in small pockets on the surface of tonsils. They believe HPV may evade the immune system in this hiding place, allowing the virus to lay in wait for an opportunity to reinstate an infection or invade the tonsil tissue to develop cancer.
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Spinal cord injury research: Bonus benefit to activity-based training

Researchers have discovered that the training, designed to help individuals with SCI improve motor function, also leads to improved bladder and bowel function and increased sexual desire.
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Brain's insular cortex mediates approach and avoidance responses to others in distress

Searching for clues to complex social behaviors, experiments found that laboratory rats - much like humans - will approach distressed juveniles but avoid distressed adults -- responses known as social affective behaviors, researchers report. Additionally, the brain's insular cortex region is required for proper reactions to others in distress. Further, changes in insular cortex excitability, caused by the hormone oxytocin, likely account for the social affective behaviors.
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Lone star ticks not guilty in spread of Lyme disease

The bacteria that cause Lyme disease are transmitted to humans primarily by the blacklegged tick (Ixodes scapularis). Often presumed guilty by association is the lone star tick (Amblyomma americanum). However, a new review of three decades' worth of research concludes the latter should be exonerated: While lone star ticks are guilty of transmitting bacteria that cause several human illnesses, the scientific evidence says Lyme disease is not one of them.
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Who's still smoking: Report highlights populations still at risk

Although tobacco control measures have reduced overall smoking rates in the United States, a new report says several vulnerable subpopulations continue to smoke at high rates.
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An elastic skin-like liquid bandage wins fda approval

A biomedical start-up company has won FDA approval for its first product, a biopolymer liquid bandage.
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Interstellar molecules inspire new transformations

When illuminating with LED light, chemists have generated carbynes, a highly reactive chemical species that allowed them to modify drugs like anticancer paclitaxel, antidepressant duloxetine and NSAID ibuprofen.
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A mutational timer is built into the chemistry of DNA

Scientists have discovered that DNA contains a kind of built-in timer that clocks the frequency with which mutations occur. They show that DNA bases can shape-shift for a thousandth of a second, transiently morphing into alternative states that allow the molecule's replication machinery to incorporate the wrong base pairs into its double helix. Such mismatches, though rare, serve as the basis of genetic changes that drive evolution and diseases like cancer.
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Prostate cancer: Poor prognosis in men with diabetes

Men with type 2 diabetes are less likely to develop prostate cancer than patients without diabetes. However, the mortality rate is higher. Researchers were able to show that in the affected individuals the androgen receptor and the mitogenic forms of the insulin receptor were more strongly expressed. This could explain why patients with diabetes have a poorer prognosis for prostate cancer.
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Engineers 3-D print shape-shifting smart gel

Engineers have invented a '4-D printing' method for a smart gel that could lead to the development of 'living' structures in human organs and tissues, soft robots and targeted drug delivery.
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Medical News Today: What are the signs that someone is close to death?

A look at the signs of death and indications that someone is near to the end. Included is detail on when to say goodbye and how to cope with death.
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Medical News Today: Could a bacterium found in milk trigger rheumatoid arthritis?

New research examines people with rheumatoid arthritis and finds that many of them have a genetic predisposition for the disease and a common bacterium.
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Foolproof Formula for a Healthy Vegetarian Salad

As someone who doesn’t eat meat, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been served plain greens or a pile of raw vegetables and had no choice but to consider that measly salad a “meal.”From weddings to work dinners, I’ve chewed and chomped my way through those skimpy salads; I even made a few lackluster salads for myself in my early meat-free days before learning about macronutrients.If you’re just starting to make the switch to a vegetarian way of eating, you can build a filling meal-size salad with our foolproof formula for a healthy vegetarian salad.(Pro tip: For all you omnivores, check out our Foolproof Formula for a Healthy, Delicious Salad.)But first, let’s take a look at where your vegetarian bowl of greens may be going astray.The 4 Biggest Vegetarian Salad Mistakes Along with smoothies, salads are one of the easiest ways to load up on produce and reach your quota of vegetables — and sometimes fruit — each day.But not all salads are created equal. Here are the four most c…

Stealth virus for cancer therapy

Scientists have redesigned an adenovirus for use in cancer therapy. To achieve this they developed a new protein shield that hides the virus and protects it from being eliminated. Adapters on the surface of the virus enable the reconstructed virus to specifically infect tumor cells.
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Medical News Today: Understanding anhedonia: What happens in the brain?

People with anhedonia can no longer enjoy the things that they once loved. In this Spotlight feature, we ask what's going on in the brain.
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Medical News Today: Alzheimer's: Brain implant could improve cognitive function

Is deep brain stimulation a way forward in treating Alzheimer's disease? A phase I clinical trial suggests that it can improve cognitive functioning.
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Medical News Today: How to improve circulation

Circulation is the process by which the heart pumps a person's blood around their body. How can someone improve their circulation?
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Molecular secrets revealed: Antipsychotic docked in its receptor

Scientists have deciphered the molecular structure of a widely prescribed antipsychotic docked in its key receptor. They are hopeful that this discovery may hold secrets to designing better treatments for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other mental illnesses.
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Sports drinks are not solutions for illness-related dehydration

Hospitals across the nation have been hit by a double whammy: an alarming flu season combined with a shortage of intravenous fluids. Hurricane Maria’s devastating effects on Puerto Rico, a critical manufacturing hub for American medical supplies, have caused the supply chain disruption.
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Upper limit for intake of folate is invalid: Government urged to fortify flour with folic acid

There is no need for an upper limit of folate intake, according to a study by Queen Mary University of London and the School of Advanced Study, University of London.
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Medical News Today: Blood vessel discovery may prevent diabetes

A new approach that allows direct measurement in live animals yields fresh clues on how insulin travels through blood vessel walls to reach muscle cells.
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Medical News Today: How to prevent and improve crepey skin

A look at crepey skin, a common complaint where the skin looks thin and wrinkled. Included is detail on prevention and the role of nutrition.
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Medical News Today: What can be done about eczema on the scalp?

In this article, learn all about when eczema affects the scalp. We look at the symptoms, triggers, and treatment options for this condition.
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Curcumin improves memory and mood

Daily consumption of a certain form of curcumin -- the substance that gives Indian curry its bright color -- improved memory and mood in people with mild, age-related memory loss.
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Long-term consumption of sunflower and fish oils may damage the liver

An international group of scientists has demonstrated that the long-term intake of sunflower or fish oils damages the liver and can cause a series of alterations in it, giving rise to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).
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Discovery of molecular nets inside heart muscles hold promise for new treatment

Local researchers have discovered that a group of molecules, called chondroitin sulfate, normally found only in connective tissues such as the cartilage, accumulates and causes inflammation in the hearts of patients with heart failure.
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Teens need vigorous physical activity and fitness to cut heart risk

Guidelines for teenagers should stress the importance of vigorous physical activity and fitness to cut the risk of heart disease, new research suggests.
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Human skin flakes lead to bad smell in air-conditioning systems

Skin squames are a source of food for the bacteria found in air-cooling units, which produce odors even in a dust-free air-conditioning system, a research revealed.
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What To Know Before Hiring Divorce Attorney Durham NC

By Sarah Roberts

Divorces cases are regular in daily life. However, it can be quite difficult to know where to turn to for the necessary help regarding the mater. Given the many lawyers available in the market to offer such assistance, you have to be aggressive and cautious when recruiting. It is the properties and your future life that are involving this case, therefore, you must be keen. The following are some of the key essentials to focus on when hiring Divorce Attorney Durham NC.

Know the service billing. These will certainly occur either as flat rates, contingencies, and payments on an hourly basis. Given the severity of a case and the preference of a barrister, you should suggest the right payment method to use in your situation. Choose a method that will not be expensive to afford. Knowing the charges in advance allows you allocate enough finances to cater for the expenses.

Accessibility to resources. This case touches on the most sensitive affairs of a family setup. In this …

Steps To Best Nonsurgical Liposuction Calgary

By Dorothy King

It is very important for one to be in shape at all times. This ensures that they get to enjoy life and prevent any weight-related disorders that may affect them. Some techniques have been adopted which help clients to get rid of body fat within no time. When interested in nonsurgical liposuction Calgary, you need to do a good assessment. It will enable you to attain the body you want. Here are some of the aspects you may use while searching for such services.

You ought to be aware of the best place you will go for the procedure. The town has many medical centers that offer such facilities to interested clients. Research to know those that are within your area so that you use less time and money in the process. The internet is a good tool for researching as it will show you names of places to look into. Do not opt for one without doing a background check.

It is very important for you to assess the service provider you have selected. Look for health facilities that have…

Advantages Of Getting Baby Sonogram

By Jennifer Howard

Ultra sound is now being used in the medical field in a wide range of ways. Baby sonogram has been a game changer to many mothers who would like to know the well being of their kids while they are still in their womb. The number of people who are getting the utility has been on the increase. Because of that the demand for facilities being used to carry out the activity has been on the increase.

Someone who is making his purchase has to consider getting a commodity which is of the right quality. A number of individuals who are getting the commodities always fail to consider this. Thus they end up getting products which are of low quality.

The good you are getting has to be in a better state of lasting for a reasonable amount of time. Durability of that matters due to the fact that it will determine the number of times one will have to replace the property. By imply getting a property which will last for a long time you will end up saving a huge sum of money.

The pr…

Can an Airplane Take Off on a Moving Runway?

Where do you get a giant plane-sized treadmill that goes 100 mph? Good question. I'm going to answer a different one.
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WIRED's Top Stories in January: The Diversity War Inside Google

Plus: "Meltdown" madness, a 787 breaking a speed record, and the Logan Paul-prompted YouTube reckoning.
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7 True Crime Docs You Should Stream Right Now

Here are a few things you can watch when you're not watching 'The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story' on FX.
More détails | Shocking image shows how 28 years of sunlight wrecked truck driver’s face

For 28 years the trucker had his left side exposed to UVA rays through the window.
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Medical News Today: What causes Battle's sign?

Battle’s sign is a crescent-shaped bruise that appears behind one or both ears. It can be an indication of a serious head injury. Learn more.
More détails | Should you eat before a workout?

A new study may finally have the answer.
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Now That Tech Runs the World, Let's Retire the Hacker Ideal

Here’s a remedy amid Big Tech's failures: honest valuations, business ethics, and the application of scientific method unmolested by greed.
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The EPA Website Is 'Still Updating' Climate Change Info

Internal e-mails show Administrator Scott Pruitt personally ordered science to be scrubbed away.
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Medical News Today: Odynophagia: Symptoms, causes, and dysphagia

Odynophagia is when it is painful to swallow. This pain may occur in the throat, mouth, or food pipe and has a variety of potential causes.
More détails | SEE: 9 ways HIV affects the body

Have you ever wondered how HIV affects the body? Take a look at this infographic to find out.
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How to Design Beacons for Humanity's Afterlife

A time capsule meant to teach aliens about humans could consist of math, DNA, a bot, or a brain—or something else entirely.
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A Family’s Race to Cure a Daughter’s Genetic Disease

Personalized medicine promised a cure for rare genetic disorders. Now patients and families themselves are trying to make up for its failures.
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Replika, the Emotional Chatbot, Goes Open-Source

Software developer Eugenia Kuyda is releasing the code to her Replika chatbot, which can inject emotion into conversations.
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Uber and Lyft Might Not Be Ruining the American City

New research affirms the relationship between ridehialing services, transit ridership, and congestion
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Medical News Today: Second-hand toys contain 'surprising' levels of toxic chemicals

A study that examined 200 old toys from homes, nurseries, and thrift stores found worrying levels of toxic elements, such as bromine, cadmium, and lead.
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Understanding The Ins And Outs Of Whiplash Treatment Calgary

By Mary Campbell

Sometimes it is not always possible to avoid the problems that arise on the road. It is common for accidents to happen, but the most important thing is to know that there are ways to get whiplash treatment Calgary, for those minor issues. When it comes to alleviating the pain, there is nothing more important than taking control of the situation. It means you have to deal with and face what has happened to you head-on.

The term whiplash comes from the fact that the head is caused to snap back and forth in an instant. This jerking motion is very similar to that seen in a whip.

As with any trauma, there is likely going to be damage caused. Regardless of the temporary nature of this type of injury, you have to mentally prepare yourself for the recovery phase. The crucial part is that you are not locked into a mental state of fear because whiplash is often not permanent.

Even after some time has passed in terms of months, some people are still likely to experience sympto…

The warming climate may be stoking foodborne pathogens

Medical News Today: Who are your real friends? Your brainwaves can tell

Are we on the same wavelength as our friends? A recent study that analyzed people's brain activity using functional MRI says that we are.
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Medical News Today: The end of toxic chemo? Blocking vitamin B-2 may stop cancer

New drug candidate may change chemotherapy as we know it; this compound stops cancer cells from spreading and has no toxic side effects, a new study shows.
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The Excellent San Diego Bridal Show

By Walter Cox

There are lots of couples out there planning and preparing for the big day. However, if you are currently in this process then you definitely know how exhausting it can be. When you look at your waiting list it seems like an endless list and you have no idea how you going to put everything together in time. Thankfully for those couples who are looking for an answer to this dilemma, the San Diego bridal show could really help you out.

The shows are basically for couples who are planning the wedding at the moment. So if you would like to know what's trending out there and what's fashionable, then you definitely need to attend one of the shows to find out. Ultimately, you will need to decide exactly what elements to include in your big day or not.

Basically what happens at the shows is that vendors and event planners from all over the region gather together to let you know exactly what they can do for you on your special day. So not only do you get to have a little…

Choosing Wedding Planners In San Francisco

By Betty Phillips

Finding an ideal planner for your wedding takes some effort. Nevertheless, when you look to have a perfect wedding, the effort involved will be worth it. There usually are numerous planners within any locality and choice of the best ones will require research. When you look to select wedding planners in San Francisco, many useful tips will be of help. The professional you go for determines if the occasion will succeed or not.

You will need to do your homework. This involves checking the website of the prospective planner for photos of weddings they conducted recently. This helps a great deal to narrow down on the list. As you do that, it is important to note if there are any elements like lighting and color which have a cohesive look and whether there is an overarching style which your wedding might need.

Whatever you see in their website is probably what they specialize in and thus you would need to decide if it is what you want. In case all their weddings look hig…

Qualities Of A Good Therapist For Marriage Counseling Chicago

By Eric Robinson

When you have a family to take care of, you have to make sure that you can gently solve all issues. In most cases, people find themselves in difficult situations when they cannot agree on different issues. Therefore, some couples become hostile and even fight. Others behave weird due to the kind of stress that they get. In this case, many get depressed due to misunderstandings. As such, they need to get the best-rated therapist for marriage counseling Chicago using the outlined tips.

Once you have experienced issue in your relationship, you have to consider dealing with an expert who can provide a quality word of advice. At this instance, you need to work with an expert who has relevant skills in this sector. Make sure that the person has acquired knowledge from a recognized university to handle such issues related to couples. Hence, people can manage to come together and eradicate any issue affecting their marriage welfare.

On the other hand, it is wise to acquire t…

For children with respiratory infections, antibiotics with narrower targets are better

When doctors prescribe antibiotics for children with common respiratory infections, a more selective approach is better. A study of 30,000 children with earaches, strep throat and other common infections found that narrow-spectrum antibiotics, which act against a smaller range of bacteria, had fewer adverse effects than broad-spectrum antibiotics, which target a broader variety of bacteria. For both practical and clinical outcomes, narrow-spectrum antibiotics performed equally well or better than broad-spectrum ones, with fewer disruptions to family routines.
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Cryptocurrency Scams Like Prodeum Are Just Straight-Up Trolling at This Point

US regulators and Facebook are finally coming for bogus ICOs.
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Inappropriate antibiotic prescribing differs by patient age, insurance, race

A patient's age and race are associated with risk of receiving an unneeded antibiotic prescription for upper respiratory conditions caused by viruses, according to a new study. Additionally, the study found that advanced practice providers, such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants, are 15 percent more likely than physician providers to prescribe antibiotics to adults.
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No definitive causal link between sunbed use and malignant melanoma

A careful review of the currently available medical data shows that there is no proven causal relationship between moderate solarium use and increased melanoma risk.
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Pancreatic cancer: Gene duplication explains tumor aggressiveness

Pancreatic cancer is a form of cancer associated with the highest mortality rates in the world. Genetic changes that could explain his aggressiveness and early metastasis had not been found yet. A team has now shown that those characteristics can be explained by specific gene amplifications which occur along various evolutionary pathways of the cancer. Based on this discovery, they have derived basic principles underlying the biology of pancreatic cancer.
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Vitamin D3 could help heal or prevent cardiovascular damage

A new study shows that Vitamin D3 could help restore damage to the cardiovascular system caused by diseases like hypertension and diabetes.
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Safeguarding children when sentencing mothers

Experts are creating new resources, including films and briefings, to help criminal justice professionals improve their understanding of the impacts of maternal imprisonment. It is estimated that 17,000 children every year are affected by maternal imprisonment in England and Wales.
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Bacteria in milk and beef linked to rheumatoid arthritis

A strain of bacteria commonly found in milk and beef may be a trigger for developing rheumatoid arthritis in people who are genetically at risk, according to a new study.
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Medical News Today: What are the causes of forearm pain?

A look at forearm pain, a condition characterized by pain between the elbow and the wrist. Included is detail on the treatment options and prevention.
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Viruses prefer cultivated areas to natural areas

Cultivated areas are more affected by viral epidemics than non-cultivated areas.
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TBI is associated with increased dementia risk for decades after injury

Traumatic brain injuries increase the risk of a dementia diagnosis for more than 30 years after a trauma, though the risk of dementia decreases over time, according to a new study.
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Why Tether's Collapse Would Be Bad for Cryptocurrencies

Tether, a so-called "stablecoin," is in trouble. Its collapse could trigger a crypto version of a bank run, potentially toppling exchanges and cratering the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
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Medical News Today: What does it mean if I have a mole that itches?

A look at itchy moles, a common complaint that can have a variety of causes. Included is detail on how to tell if a doctor should examine a mole.
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Can Our Phones Save Us From Our Phones?

Mobile apps and internet interfaces can make us distractible. But digital tools could also counteract those bad habits.
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Benefits of smoking cessation medications diminish over time

A new study finds that only eight out of 100 smokers who take smoking cessation medications will have benefited from taking smoking medications after one year's time.
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The fight against tooth decay gets help with a new smart material

When patients go to the dentist to fill a cavity, they're trying to solve a problem -- not create a new one. But many dental patients get some bad news: bacteria can dig under their tooth-colored fillings and cause new cavities, called recurrent caries. U of T researchers designed a novel solution: a filling material with tiny particles containing antimicrobial drugs, designed to stop bacteria in its tracks.
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Specific bacteria may change the cervix of a pregnant woman and lead to preterm birth

New findings demonstrate that the byproducts of certain bacteria induce cervical changes which may lead to preterm birth.
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E-cigarette flavors are toxic to white blood cells, warn scientists

A new study adds to growing evidence on the harmful health effects of e-cigarettes. The study finds that exposure to commonly used e-cigarette flavoring chemicals and liquids can cause significant inflammation to monocytes, a type of white blood cell. Moreover, many flavoring compounds are toxic, with cinnamon, vanilla and buttery flavors among the worst. It also finds that mixing e-cigarette flavors has a much worse effect than exposure to just one.
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New computational method reveals chemoresistance drug targets

The methylation of deoxycytosine to form 5-methylcytosine (5mC) is an important feature of cancer. Extensive DNA methylation and transcription analyses have provided large quantities of data, but it is challenging to identify critical genes related to cancer development from these data. Researchers in Japan have developed a new mathematical method to extract appropriate information from the data, and successfully identified the gene TRAF4 as a key candidate for conferring resistance to anti-cancer drugs in gastrointestinal cancer.
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Long-term opioid use has dropped among US military veterans

A new study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, published by Springer, shows that opioid prescribing has dropped after a peak in 2012. Lead author Katherine Hadlandsmyth of the Iowa City VA Healthcare System and the University of Iowa in the US further noted that the decline was mostly due to decreases in long-term opioid prescribing, which carries much greater risk for harmful side effects, addiction and overdose, relative to short-term prescribing.
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Patient exposure to X-rays depends on how dentists are paid

Dentists’ calculation of the benefits vs the risks of X-rays is being distorted by financial incentives. 
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Study proves ‘muscle memory’ exists at a DNA level

A study has shown for the first time that human muscles possess a ‘memory’ of earlier growth - at the DNA level.
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Breastfeeding reduces hypertension risk

A new study indicates that women who breastfeed more children, and for longer periods of time, are less likely to suffer from hypertension after they reach menopause. This is less true of obese women, however.
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Medical News Today: E-cigarettes may cause cancer and heart disease, says study

E-cigarette use may lead to cancer and heart disease, say researchers, after finding that e-cigarette vapor can cause damage to DNA.
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Medical News Today: What you should know about trench foot

A look at trench foot, a condition that happens when the feet are exposed to damp and moisture for an extended time. Included is detail on prevention.
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10 Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss

Look at what you’ve accomplished: You’ve reached your weight-loss goal and feel like you’re ready to take on the world. But now what?Without crashing your party, research has shown that only about 20 percent of overweight individuals are successful at long-term weight loss.“Long-term” is defined as losing at least 10 percent of initial body weight and maintaining that loss for at least one year.Defense mechanisms like increased hunger, lower energy metabolism, resorting to old habits, and day-to-day stresses seem to fight against you even more than when you were in weight-loss mode.This is where 80 percent of those previously overweight individuals get stuck.Lucky for you, we have 10 tips on how to ensure you beat the odds and keep that weight off without becoming a slave to the scale.10 Tips to Keep the Weight Off 1. Eat more plantsThe key here is what Dr. Barbara Rolls termed “volumetrics.” Foods with low-calorie density like fruits and veggies are naturally high in bulk, fiber, and …

Blood vessels-on-a-chip show anti-cancer drug effects in human cells

Researchers report new organ-on-a-chip technology to observe sprouting angiogenesis from a single blood vessel. VEGF stimulated new capillaries from the single vessel by activating NOTCH signaling, recapitulating biochemical events of the human angiogenesis. The chip also confirmed the effects of two FDA-approved anti-angiogenic drugs, demonstrating its applicability to drug discovery.
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Medical News Today: Body clock disruptions may be an early sign of Alzheimer's

People whose brain scans reveal very early preclinical signs of Alzheimer's disease also have disruptions in their sleep/wake cycles, a new study shows.
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Medical News Today: Multiple sclerosis: 'Guardian molecule' may lead to new treatment

A study of male mice finds that testosterone triggers production of a protective molecule that prevents the development of immune cells that attack myelin.
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Medical News Today: How do dermarollers work?

Learn all about how to use dermarollers, and what effects they could have on the skin. We also look at things to consider when dermarolling.
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Increase Your Magnesium Intake

Some researchers insist the magnesium RDA is inadequate, warning that many suffer from subclinical magnesium deficiency that can compromise their cardiovascular health.
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Medical News Today: What are the best ways to get rid of large pores?

A look at how to get rid of large pores if they cause aesthetic discomfort. Included is detail on home remedies and why pores become enlarged.
More détails | How many kilojoules do I need to lose weight?

Here’s exactly how to tell.
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'Monster Hunter World' Review: It's More Than a Sequel, It's a Resurgence

The newest in Capcom's franchise is also the latest Japanese title to lead a charge for a revitalized middle tier of gaming.
More détails | Shocking image shows how 28 years of sunlight wrecked truck driver’s face

For 28 years the trucker’s had his left side exposed to UVA rays through the window.
More détails | Could eating with fat people make you eat more?

It's not always just the food that's important – the people at your table can also affect your weight.
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Medical News Today: What is scrotal eczema?

Learn about scrotal eczema, a form of eczema that affects the scrotum. We examine the symptoms, treatment options, and management tips for this condition.
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Steelcase Silq: Price, Specs, Release Date

Steelcase's engineers have developed the new Silq chair made from a polymer that closely mimics the structural properties of carbon fiber at a much lower price.
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Medical News Today: Cloves: Nutritional facts and health benefits

Cloves have been used in cooking and traditional medicine for many years. In this article, learn about their potential health benefits.
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Medical News Today: How many carbs should dieters eat for weight loss?

In this article, we look at how the amount of carbs people eat affects weight loss. We also examine what carbs are best for people aiming to lose weight.
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Facebook Wants to Fix Itself. Here's a Better Solution.

Opinion: The only way to clean up tech's biggest platforms is stronger, smarter government regulation.
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How Long Beach Is Trying to Cool Down

Temperatures have soared in the Southern California city in recent years, but taming them presents its own set of challenges.
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How US Security Services Will Protect the Winter Olympics

You may not know the Diplomatic Security Service, but you'll be glad its agents started preparing for these Games years ago.
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Meet the Company Trying to Democratize Clinical Trials With AI

It practically takes a medical degree to find the right clinical trial. But with new tools powered by machine learning could make them more accessible.
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Look Out: Chrome Extension Malware Has Evolved

While helpful and creative, Chrome extensions have also become a new playground for hackers intent on stealing your data.
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Fitness Apps Like Strava Erode Your Privacy. Here's How to Protect It

If you don't want your digital running group to know where you live, it might be time to revisit some of your app's settings.
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Nuro's Self-Driving R-1 Doesn't Drive You. It Drives Stuff.

The autonomous vehicle startup has impressive founders and a clever business model.
More détails | Ears grown for children in groundbreaking procedure

Scientists have used a remarkable combination of 3D printing and cell culturing to create new ears for five children born with ear defects, the first time the procedure has been performed on human patients.
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Medical News Today: This peptide may explain female sexual behavior

How the brain orchestrates hormonal cycles, sexual behavior, and attraction has outfoxed scientists for years. A new study implicates kisspeptin.
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Medical News Today: Aerobic exercise may be key for Alzheimer's prevention

Exercise may improve cognition and prevent Alzheimer's disease, but are some forms of exercise better than others? New research investigates.
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A History Of Newnan Hair Removal

By Frank Graham

A lot of discussion and controversy has occurred regarding the topic of permanent mane elimination techniques. There are many ways that people do prefer and they mostly use them. The galvanic current is responsible for the good reputation electrolysis holds as a permanent curls exclusion method. This article attempts to provide an update on the question: Is permanent Newnan Hair Removal for men really possible?

Always move the razor in the direction of the curls growth with light pressure. If you have to add pressure to shave the curls off cleanly chances are the razor has become dull and adding pressure can lead to skin irritation and shaving rash. It's always best to change the blades on your razor regularly to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Also, if you have sensitive skin it needs extra care so use a sensitive skin shaving cream or gel and take your time. When finished shaving rinses the area well with lukewarm water and uses a skin hydrating moisturizer …

Tips For Entrusting The Right Classical Guitarist For Hire Boston

By Thomas Graham

Some persons lack business idea. You may find that a person has the expertise to play the classical guitars but will leave the talent and do other things that may not be profitable as to when you may be practicing guitar for hire. However, for the enlightened, they concentrate on perfecting their skills. They will then look for a way to advertise the services they offer. This is an idea that any talented person may assume. In case interested in hiring a guitarist, you need to factor several things. Read the guideline below to find information about selecting a classical guitarist for hire Boston.

In the first place, you need to know that the guitar may be played in different tunes. You may at times be in need of an expert who will be able to play the customary songs. It is not for all the experts that may be able to play it. You, therefore, must be specific on the type of a person you may need.

It is good you check the type of guitar a person. This is because it is a…