Posts | Why do I crave salt?

Do you add salt to your food before you've even tasted it? Are you always looking for a salty snack? This is why (and why you should curb those cravings).
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Healthy Chicken Salad with Grapes

Healthy Chicken Salad with Grapes is lightened up with Greek yogurt but still super creamy and delicious. Serve it as a sandwich, on salad greens, stuffed in tomatoes, or with crackers. And don't miss this classic Healthy Chicken Salad or Curried Chicken Salad.One of the questions I hear most often from people when it comes to healthy eating revolves around lunch. While people have no problem figuring out a healthy dinner, for some reason, lunch falls to the wayside. Many people find they rely on frozen meals and convenience foods instead of preparing something at home. I am here to tell you that making a healthy lunch at home doesn't have to be hard. And it all is going to start with this delicious chicken salad.Here's the plan. Head to the grocery store on Sunday and grab a rotisserie chicken. If you are feeling ambitious you can cook your own chicken on the grill or in the slow cooker. Take 10 minutes to shred or chop the chicken. Spend another five minutes making this … | Long-distance runner? These are the vitamins and minerals your body needs

Regardless if whether you're a novice or a seasoned long-distance runner, your body needs the following vitamins and minerals for optimum performance.
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What Happens When Reproductive Tech Like IVF Goes Awry?

Opinion: Freezers fail. Samples are mislabeled. Embryos get switched. But a lack of regulation leaves those harmed by such negligence without clear recourse.
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Unicode's Website Redesign Makes It Easier to Suggest New Emoji

Unicode, the organization that oversees new emoji, just redesigned its website. The upshot: It’s easier to figure out how to submit an emoji proposal.
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