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Advantages Of Working With Qualified Affordable Day Spa Specialists

By Glenda Thompson

When you want to estimate the overall charges for a service, you should take into account the expertise as well as professionalism. In cases where you are struggling to deal with your bills, you might need a good solution. Thankfully, there might be a wide selection of professionals to pick from, and with a good spa professional by your side, you can get a decent professional for your task. In addition, the market has a number of services that will give you the support you require an affordable day spa in Puyallup.

This service is one of the best items in the specific industry. With so many users protesting and complaining about price, the companies have created creative ways to protect you from pitfalls. If you are looking to enjoy the features of authentic service at a fair rate, This service will allow you to execute your entire job within your budget.

This service is multifaceted against threats that you could adapt to your tastes and specifications. On the oth…

Special Advantages In Manifesting Piano Lessons For Beginners

By Angela Stevens

The lack of knowledge in knowing thew bounties that leas ahead of each lives a person has determine the initial boundary that it disposes from their selves. This vitalization endures the special integration which formidably reckoned the supremacy of going to a massive indemnity. This will represent the aspiration of everyone who is looking for a place to held the skill they have.

However, the aid of social media nowadays may guarantee the composure of learning who has this kind of talent and ability. Just as engaging to piano lessons for beginners, the admiration to facilitate the redemption can dissolve actually. To ease the burden of not getting its assistance, here are various forms you can see and accentuate attentively.

Academic skill. Studying a lesson is not a difficult task if you already know the answers without asking for further question from other personalities regarding the topic. The inclination of both deviation resulted to understanding the things en…

How To Buy Colorful Comfort Shoes

By Diane Edwards

The importance of every single body part attached to us already is pretty important. Without having one of these around, we obviously cannot function well and as expected from others. Take a look at those with disabilities. They certainly are not happy with what they have. Being super healthy really makes a difference.

Deadly vices like smoking or drinking alcohol obviously is the top reason for that. What comes next is the wrong nutrients inside your system like eating junk food and whatever else. Next to that comes wearing wrong items. Yes, you read that right. You should really pick those colorful comfrt shoes over everything else.

You probably are thinking that you have attempted and schemed your way through things just to make this happen. Finding the perfect pair sure is hard, but then again, it totally is not impossible to do. With us, you eventually will find the right one for you, after a long period of searching and looking.

Number one on the list of thing…

Rewards And Benefits Associated With Enrolling In A Medical Day Spa In Puyallup

By Everett Nims

The popularity of medical spas continues to soar. More and more people are signing up to get the benefits associated with frequenting these facilities. The trend is huge for both men and women. Even kids are getting into the action as well. Learn all about what makes them special here. Here is an article about what to consider before selecting a Medical Day Spa In Puyallup.

The pressures emanating from our hectic lives and jobs are way too much at times. We reach a point whereby we cannot even think straight. At this point, our productivity lowers drastically, and it becomes necessary to find a way to release this accumulated pressures. Hitting the gym, doing yoga or just signing up to a spa are the best approaches to utilize. Other rewards associated with spas include acne, aging, hair removal treatments.

Not all of the facilities happen to be what they claim to be. Some establishments are just starting out in the industry, and they lack a complete understanding of h…

Features Of The Woven Labels That People Should Recognize

By Sharon Nelson

Learning institutions have found the best way of printing uniforms and kits. This is through hiring the services of professionals who have the capacity of providing quality solutions. These people provide additional offers such as customized solutions and affordable solutions. There are several reasons why the Woven labels are most sought after.

People who manage the production of these tags have found the best way of meeting client requirements. They have achieved this via using quality knitting material that offer durable solutions. A majority are inspired by this development and would rather consider acquiring these tags over other methods of brand representations in the market. As a result, these dealers are guaranteed the opportunity of attracting ore sales in the future through this development.

It is important for people to consider several factors when looking forward to representing school logos. The chance to experience customized solutions is one of the ne…

Goodbye, 2016. We Couldn’t Take It Anymore

An unending year, an undying song, and an unbelievably naive hope for a better tomorrow. The post Goodbye, 2016. We Couldn't Take It Anymore appeared first on WIRED.

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Popular Horse Decor For Living Room Pizzazz

By John West

Art and crafts have featured the horse throughout history. That means that there is no shortage of horse decor for living room embellishment. Whether you want the stuff of legends or modern variations on the theme, finding the right pieces for your home is fun and easy. Shop online, buying new or used, and get just the effect you want.

From the first person to tack a horseshoe over the door - open end up to hold the luck - to the most exotic picture of a unicorn, you have an enormous selection. The ancient Chinese and Egyptians immortalized horses in sculpture, pottery, and murals. Ancient reliefs showed Greek and Roman gods driving horses across the sky and flying them to heroic heights. Middle Age knights, brave cavalry soldiers, and American Indians rode warhorses into epic battles. Every little girl wants a pony. All of this human ardor for horses has been translated into art objects you can use to decorate your home.

Statues of horses are effective table-top ornamen…

We Love It When Presidents Enjoy Science Fiction

In the latest 'Geek's Guide to the Galaxy' podcast, two WIRED editors discuss the magazine's fiction issue-and President Obama's love of sci-fi. The post We Love It When Presidents Enjoy Science Fiction appeared first on WIRED.

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About The Total Coverage Foundation

By Donna Stevens

This is a type of makeup that is used globally. Produced in 40 shades and contains 32% pigment. It is made with emollients and anti-oxidants. This concentration of pigment is for long wearing coverage. It protects the skin against free radicals that can interact with it. It also gives you a radiant second skin finish. We can hence discuss the details of total coverage foundation.

The name speaks volumes. It is a complex product that is designed for two major types of skin. Body membranes are either the dry or oily type. The foundation is applied in a manner that it covers all pores. The cover is complete thus giving protection underneath. When making a choice on the type of base to use, it is imperative to consider type.

Makeup is made to enhance the looks of a person. These are made to blend with your tone and have been adopted by beauty and fashion lovers. This is because the foundation enhances the looks of the models as well as concealing the flaws that may be pr…

The Year’s Biggest Hacks, From Yahoo To the DNC

The year that politics got hacked was also a record-breaking year for sheer size of corporate breaches. The post The Year's Biggest Hacks, From Yahoo To the DNC appeared first on WIRED.

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The 11 Most Expensive Cars Sold at Auction in 2016

Ogle the $35.7 million Ferrari here, cause it's the closest you'll ever get. The post The 11 Most Expensive Cars Sold at Auction in 2016 appeared first on WIRED.

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The Year in Housing: The Middle Class Can’t Afford to Live in Cities Anymore

Cities are increasingly populated by lower-income people in subsidized housing and high income people prepared to pay $3,500 a month for a one-bedroom. The post The Year in Housing: The Middle Class Can't Afford to Live in Cities Anymore appeared first on WIRED.

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WIRED’s Required Science Reading From 2016

The best of this year's science fiction and nonfiction. The post WIRED's Required Science Reading From 2016 appeared first on WIRED.

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Researchers urge caution around psilocybin use

In a survey of almost 2,000 people who said they had had a past negative experience when taking psilocybin-containing 'magic mushrooms,' a researchers say that more than 10 percent believed their worst 'bad trip' had put themselves or others in harm's way, and a substantial majority called their most distressing episode one of the top 10 biggest challenges of their lives.

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Role for immune cells in cancer’s ability to evade immunotherapy

One of the main reasons cancer remains difficult to treat is that cancer cells have developed a multitude of mechanisms that allow them to evade destruction by the immune system. One of these escape mechanisms involves a type of immune cell called myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs). A recent study provides new insight into how MDSCs enable tumor cells to circumvent immune attack and offer the potential for improving cancer immunotherapy.

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Endometrial cancer mutations are detectable in uterine lavage fluid before a cancer is diagnosed

Mutations that have been linked to endometrial cancer can be found in the uterine lavage fluid of pre- and post-menopausal women both with and without detectable cancer.

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Vital Things You Ought To Note While Purchasing Plus Size Dresses Atlanta

By Jerry Powell

With the party mood now in full swing, you need to find great clothes for your most important day. The trendy fashions, in the online stores, just reminds on how you should run and grab yourself one of the dresses. However, these clothes will vary and will be dependent on your size. For instance, the petite girls will not have the same kinds of clothes with the plus-size ladies. The article highlights tips to consider when getting plus size dresses Atlanta.

Embrace technology by using the online way. Imagine a situation where you walk from store to store only to end up not getting your sizeable dress. It is usually discouraging not to forget the waste of time too. Luckily, with the modern technology, you can get to source the specific stores dealing with distinct dresses of your shape too hence, easing your task.

Look for clothes that will create a waist. Irrespective of your size, women always want to have clothes which will accentuate their curves. Body corns and fl…

Some Reasons Why You Should Use A Faux Fur Rug

By Matthew Morgan

Any home can be made much more cozier and beautiful with a few embellishments and additions here and there. These can of course cost you a pretty penny or it can be dirt cheap depending on what you choose. One such cost effective thing that you can use will be a faux fur rug, a great alternative to the real thing to save you some bucks. Read on in this article for a few tips on how to use this cost saver.

Before we do go out and plunk down our hard earned money, it will be prudent to get to know more about the item in question first. We should know about the relative pros and cons of the item so that we can have a better decision reference to use. In this way we can make a good purchase on a sound decision.

Should you start looking for this kind of rug, search for one that is created out of fine acrylic fibers. Give it a stroke test to see if fibers fall out and remember that higher quality rugs do not release a lot of hairs when stroked. Read the product label to s…

Tips When It Comes To Using Faux Sheepskin Rug

By Karen Ward

There are a lot of individuals who wish to make their homes look nicer and a tad more stylish. They do this by putting additions like specific decorative pieces in order to achieve a very sophisticated and relaxed look in their spaces. There are a couple of pieces you can incorporate to your place like rugs.

A variety of rugs exist and are differentiated according to what they are made of. One popular kind is the faux sheepskin rug that many people go loco for because of its cozy look and feel. However, it can be a bit tricky to use them so to guide you, read the tips listed below.

If you have a neat, plain space at home that you want to transform into something a tad cozier, then adding a faux pelt would be great. It will make it a bit more inviting and likewise add texture to the whole place. It would not only exalt the space, but would also let the addition stand out.

You likewise have to keep in mind that one great way of using hide is to make sure you do not go to…

Why Switch To Handmade Soap And Lotion

By Joyce Miller

Soaps, shampoos, lotions, and even make up are essentials which not only women but also men all over the world use. Because it is very much in demand, there are a lot of varieties that is already is made of and while it is very much effective in enhancing your looks, there is also a considerable amount of harmful effects that it can bring to your health. This is especially true due to the chemicals present in them.

However, there have already been better alternatives which do not only help in beautifying you but also keeping you healthy. There are many organic ones present in the market such as handmade soap and lotion, shampoos, and make up which are very much beneficial in so many ways. These benefits are listed below so you would have an idea how it could affect your life.

The normal items we see available are made of fixings which could be extremely unsafe to the earth. When you utilize these items, they could be depleted down in your lavatories and sinks which ca…

The Essence Of Handmade Goat Milk Soap

By Kimberly Russell

Being more beautiful does not have to be an expensive chore. So, take a look at what this particular soap has to offer. It may not be popular among other women but you can always start a trend among your girlfriends. Make them see that aside from external beauty, women are also obliged to take care of what is within.

This can be the best cleanser that you ever had. A handmade goat milk soap has the ability to go through your deepest pores. It may not produce a thick layer of soap but have the assurance that it is doing its job in providing you with that glowing skin. Finally have all eyes on you and indulge in your natural kind of beauty.

Your skin will no longer appear dead to many. Remember that you live in a very cruel world. One flaw and you can be branded as someone who does not take good care of herself. Besides, your aging body needs more of what can be found in nature whether you will like to admit it or not. So, let the natural course of things decide for…

Understand The Health Advantages Attained From A Frosted Lipstick

By Patricia Meyer

Lipsticks are cosmetic products made from emollients, waxes, oils, and pigments which place protection, texture, and color to the lips. Although various forms and colors emerged, its applications are not limited to women since it was considered as alternative lip balms that offer hydration and colors. Besides, wax creates its structures and applies the candelilla, ozokerite, and beeswax.

Because of its melting points, Carnauba is an essential component for its enhancements. In addition to that, various fats and oils are applied for the creations of the frosted lipstick, such as petrolatum, lanolin, cocoa butter, mineral, and olive oils. Lead and other metallic components are found in nearly all items, but it was considered as unintentional contaminants.

It is produced from grinding and heating those supplies and heated waxes are assimilated for its surfaces, mixing oils and lanolin for certain formula requisites. It is secured in metal molds then chilled to obtain t…

Tips For Ending Up With Appealing Wedding Dresses Denver

By Pamela Scott

Brides know the importance of having a gown on their special occasion. This means starting to select a good gown early, which means comparing different designs, focusing on aspects like quality, and selecting the right color. However, if you find a place selling the best dresses, you will have an easier time purchasing it. Start looking for the ideal wedding dresses denver seller for the chance of making the right investment.

Some women have the mentality of choosing a cheaper gown made from fragile fabric since they will wear the dress once. However, when you try to put it on, or when dancing, the gown can tear easily leaving one embarrassed. You will not experience this is you aim for dresses made from high quality materials.

These days, there are sales of gowns for brides, and this has led many women to wear the right dress for their occasion. You only need to have a budget in place and select the right provider, who has the offer you want. This has played a huge r…

The Best Is Yet to Come

The hosts take a look at what's coming in 2017, at CES and beyond. The post The Best Is Yet to Come appeared first on WIRED.

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New class of hydrogen sulfide donor molecules

Researchers have designed molecules with the potential to deliver healing power to stressed cells -- such as those involved in heart attacks. The research, at a cellular level in the lab, involves organic molecules that break down to release hydrogen sulfide when triggered by oxidative stress.

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Lack of standards for infant cereals threatens child nutrition in lower-income countries

The first global analysis of infant cereals sold in lower-income countries highlights the need for basic quality assurance services to improve nutritional consistency and healthy growth of infants from 6 to 24 months of age.

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Using 'fire to fight fire' to combat disease could make it worse, tests show

A treatment billed as a potential breakthrough in the fight against disease, including cancer, could back-fire and make the disease fitter and more damaging, new research has found. Ground-breaking research has found that introducing 'friendlier' less-potent strains into a population of disease-causing microbes can lead to increased disease severity.

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The 21 Best New Words of 2016

From bompeln to Textalyzer, our 21 favorite weird and wired words of the year. The post The 21 Best New Words of 2016 appeared first on WIRED.

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2017 Will Be the Year Tesla Reigns Supreme—Or Finally Flops

It's time for Elon Musk to take his game to the main stage. The post 2017 Will Be the Year Tesla Reigns Supreme—Or Finally Flops appeared first on WIRED.

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All the Biggest Space News to Look Forward to in 2017

The Cassini mission's end! A complete solar eclipse! More rockets! The post All the Biggest Space News to Look Forward to in 2017 appeared first on WIRED.

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In a Chaotic Year, the Best Games Took My Control Away

In a 2016 marked by unrest, personal and societal, this writer found respite in games that took control away. The post In a Chaotic Year, the Best Games Took My Control Away appeared first on WIRED.

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25 Masterpieces That Prove 2016 Was an Incredible Year for Architecture

The year's best architecture experimented, turned heads, and played nice with its surroundings. The post 25 Masterpieces That Prove 2016 Was an Incredible Year for Architecture appeared first on WIRED.

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Inside the Lab that Grows Human Skin to Test Your Cosmetics

MatTek grows thousands of dime-sized pieces of skin in plastic dishes that add up, altogether, to about two whole adult humans' worth. The post Inside the Lab that Grows Human Skin to Test Your Cosmetics appeared first on WIRED.

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How Amazon, Google, and Facebook Will Bring Down Telcos

These tech titans didn't plan to take down the telcos. But they depend upon you having fast, reliable internet, so they're bringing everything in-house. The post How Amazon, Google, and Facebook Will Bring Down Telcos appeared first on WIRED.

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Scientists engineer gene pathway to grow brain organoids with surface folding

Researchers provide insight into a specific gene pathway that appears to regulate the growth, structure, and organization of the human cortex. They also demonstrate that 3-D human cerebral organoids can be effective in modeling the molecular, cellular, and anatomical processes of human brain development. And they suggest a new path for identifying the cells affected by Zika virus.

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Scientists develop novel assay to decode functional elements of genome

Scientists introduce method to identify regulatory sequences in RNA by analyzing their regulatory function in a massive parallel reporter assay during embryogenesis. The method is called RESA (RNA Element Selection Assay).

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Antibiotic resistance just became more complex

Bacteria that are susceptible to antibiotics can survive when enough resistant cells around them are expressing an antibiotic-deactivating factor. This new take on how the microbial context can compromise antibiotic therapy was just published by a team of microbiologists.

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Did teen perception, use of marijuana change after recreational use legalized?

Marijuana use increased and the drug's perceived harmfulness decreased among eighth- and 10th-graders in Washington after marijuana was legalized for recreational use by adults but there was no change among 12th-graders or among students in the three grades in Colorado after legalization for adults there, according to a new study.

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How much money is spent on health care for kids, where does it go?

Health care spending on children grew 56 percent between 1996 and 2013, with the most money spent in 2013 on inpatient well-newborn care, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and well-dental care, according to a new article.

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'Friendship Bench' program proves effective at alleviating mental illness symptoms

Brief psychological treatment delivered by Zimbabwean lay health workers dramatically improved the symptoms of patients with mental health problems, according to new research.

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New tool shines light on protein condensation in living cells

Researchers have unveiled a new tool that uses light to manipulate proteins inside cells, causing liquid-like structures known as membraneless organelles to condense out of a cell's watery environment. Because these structures play a critical role in cellular operations, and possibly in disease development, the researchers believe the tool will open new areas of cellular biology to exploration.

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Gut microorganisms affect our physiology

Researchers have found evidence that could shed new light on the complex community of trillions of microorganisms living in all our guts, and how they interact with our bodies.

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Inactivity in obese mice linked to a decreased motivation to move

Starting a regular program at the gym is a common New Year's resolution, but it's one that most people are unable to stick with for very long. Now a study done in mice is providing clues about one of the reasons why it may be hard for so many people to stick with an exercise program. The investigators found that in obese mice, physical inactivity results from altered dopamine receptors rather than excess body weight.

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Your microbiota's previous dining experiences may make new diets less effective

Your microbiota may not be on your side as you try improving your diet this New Year's. In a new study, researchers explore why mice that switch from an unrestricted American diet to a healthy, calorie-restricted, plant-based diet don't have an immediate response to their new program. They found that certain human gut bacteria need to be lost for a diet plan to be successful.

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The Benefits Of Accessing The Improvement Of School Services

By Roger Burns

Learning institutions have found the best way of upgrading performances. This is through hiring consultants who have trained capabilities from recognized institutions. These people offer great deals that come in the form of affordable training sessions. There are many things that people expect with the improvement of school services.

It is important for college principals to find efficient ways of upgrading the learning system. This will allow them to guide students on how best to develop careers and focus on scoring excellent grades. It is realized that choosing such sessions is appropriate because they are carried out by experts. These persons are known to have the skill of aiding students and tutors meet their long-term goals efficiently.

Persons who are obligated to carry out these training processes offer colleges great treaties. These include the convenience of accessing such sessions whether they are needed during the weekends or over the holidays. This provides…

Obama’s Russian Hacking Retaliation Is Biggest “Since the Cold War”

The US will deport dozens of diplomats, and has named specific individuals implicated in the cyberattacks. The post Obama’s Russian Hacking Retaliation Is Biggest “Since the Cold War" appeared first on WIRED.

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Guidelines In Finding And Purchasing The Gift Ideas Horse Lovers

By Mary West

In some instances wherein you are invited to parties, you experience the pressure, urgency, and need to present tokens for the celebrant and host. Because of this, there would be instances wherein you experience challenges in searching for items that suit their preferences and characters. Selecting the best gift might be challenging because of the emergence of various selections, but the references from online mediums make the entire responsibility easier.

Knowing the occasion and its objectives is advised since it offers various rewards. In addition to that, your understanding of those components causes the purchases of gift ideas horse lovers wherein it should match the entire party. Besides, understanding their demands and needs becomes essential despite its difficulty.

Considering you desired to present them with rewards which are profitable for their lifestyles, you need to comprehend their passion, interests, and hobbies. Some references from parents, friends, and …

The Essential Guide In Using A Wood Eye Pencil Make Up

By Stephen Brooks

Over time there have been plenty of resources developed in cosmetology to boost the confidence and beauty level among so many women. This actually brings more products into the market that caters to improving look with the art of make up. Every lady would definitely be in love with its amazing results once tested.

The great thing about beauty products is not about the looks that it enhances, although that helps a lot, but the satisfaction that every female has over it. Among the particular tool in the wood eye pencil which creates certain boost upon application bringing full potential on point. Read through the following article to learn some great tips you can use.

Choose a Brand. What matters most is knowing your brand because quality and excellence are important factors in achieving the best results. You must not compromise your looks just because of a cheap deal since it could not guarantee what is actually the right choice for you. It is essential to pay attent…

How To Find The Best Luv Cosmetics

By Deborah Sanders

For the billion people around the world, it has been a nature to provide something that is well benefited by others who were surrounding them in the past years. Yes, this was the reality of life in terms of showing the actual relationship between families. But the saddest part is, they cannot contain the undesirable approach in specifying the modular concept therein.

Nonetheless, this actual formation denotes the altercation of different materials where anything can massively intervene the equipped unitary when using those items. Of course, luv cosmetics is one of them which women in particular love to apply on their skin and most especially in their faces. To get involved with this conceptual variety, here are things that promulgates the usage of this matter.

Be simple. The easiest thing is knowing your priorities because this got nothing from the necessities you deeply needed in the first place. The suffocation of initialization is greatly beyond the purpose of e…

Significance Of A Fake Sheepskin Rug

By Karen Stone

A room with a good layout is always appealing to the occupants. It Promotes comfort ability and also makes the particular place to be smart. The design is achieved by having the items that match with the respective colors of a room. To have a house that is perfect, using a rug that is more appealing is important. Choosing an ideal fake sheepskin rug is imperative in every home due to the following reasons.

The general view of the rug is that it creates a beautiful scene. It makes the appearance of any room enhanced. Though most of the rugs come in white color, various colors are available in the industry. The color that an individual choose depends on the general complexity of a room. Most people prefer colors that match with essentials in the house like furniture.

They are also available in different appearances. The design of most rugs is different so that they attract varying customers. It is because individuals have different tastes. Manufacturers have many models …

Building Mobile Software For Finding Wedding Venues

By Anna Myers

Knowing how challenging the road to finding your lifetime partner is, organizing the wedding is another thing which you better contemplate mostly on. To distinguish the factors which surrounds the whole thing, it seem best enough as you are able to look for those locations that can now be seen on technology based innovations made by skilled folks.

Talking about credible mediums and available chances to try in Austin, Texas, you should invest learning things on how to do it for the purpose of catering a larger number of clients. To start your buildup of austin wedding venues tracker, always include the things you are to find in this page.

Begin on finding responsible and capable group members who are not just can relate to your preference but who has impressive analytical skills to handle difficult situations ahead. Be mindful and keep enough to distinguish the pros and cons found on every person who is lining up and interested to become part of your journey.


Steps In Hiring A Gynecologist Waco TX

By Angela Butler

Right from the moment you wake up in the morning, you feel totally normal and fine nothing is out of the ordinary. So you go about your day and do your daily routine. But as you go do what you do every day, you start to feel an ache n your knee. Just when you thought everything was okay, turns out, that is not the case.

This is because the system we got inside of us is extremely messed up in a beautiful way. We can never predict the things that are about to go down next. Having it checked and maintained regular should be one of our top priorities. Employing a gynecologist Waco TX can make things way easier to handle.

You probably are wondering why this article focuses on women alone. It certainly is not that we are implying that women are weak. We really have no intention of showing who the alpha is. Our main concern is simply informing you with the data that you probably have been taking for granted ever since.

The very first thing you need to do is get a referral.…

Anti-aging therapies targeting senescent cells: Facts and fiction

It's an exciting time to be an elderly mouse. Researchers believe that by removing senescent cells (cells with a persistent damage response), which naturally accumulate with age, senior rodents can regrow hair, run faster, and improve organ function. This strategy may bring us one step closer to the 'fountain of youth,' but it's important to be cautious and not hype, says a researcher of aging.

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Psychiatric conditions linked to increased risk of long-term opioid use

A wide range of pre-existing psychiatric and behavioral conditions and the use of psychoactive drugs could be important risk factors leading to long-term use of opioid pain medications.

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Round or 'shaped' breast implants? Even plastic surgeons can't tell the difference

Looking at before-and-after photos, plastic surgeons and nurses can't tell whether breast augmentation surgery was done using conventional round implants or newer anatomically shaped implants, reports a new study.

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New way to defeat therapy-resistant prostate cancer

A new study sheds light on a signaling circuit in cells that drives therapy resistance in prostate cancer. The researchers found that targeting the components of this circuit suppresses advanced prostate cancer development.

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Drug discovery approach predicts health impact of endocrine-disrupting chemicals

Breast cancer researchers from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have developed a novel approach for identifying how chemicals in the environment—called environmental estrogens—can produce infertility, abnormal reproductive development, including “precocious puberty,” and promote breast cancer.

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Iron deficiency anemia associated with hearing loss

Medical researchers examined the association between sensorineural hearing loss and conductive hearing loss and iron deficiency anemia in adults ages 21 to 90 years in the United States.

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Aromatase inhibitors for breast cancer: Advantages over tamoxifen in early-stage disease

Patients survive longer, recurrences occur later, and certain side effects occur less often. Overall, the evidence for late-stage disease is much poorer.

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New nutritional strategy gives a boost to tiny premature babies

On New Year's Day this coming Sunday, we will once again be waiting to see the first baby is born safe and sound to be our "New Year's Baby 2017". It could even be a premature baby. The tiniest premature babies – weighing less than 1 kg at birth – often fail to gain very much weight during their long stay in hospital and this impacts upon their subsequent growth. Now, however, a retrospective data analysis has shown that "more aggressive" nutrition, especially including more protein, brings about a significant improvement in the nutritional status, development and growth of these tiny infants.

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Biomarker tests in breast cancer: Decision on chemotherapy remains difficult

Omitting chemotherapy can lead to more cases of distant metastasis and deaths. It cannot yet be judged whether this risk outweighs the chemotherapy-related burden.

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Omega-3 supplements can prevent childhood asthma

Taking certain omega-3 fatty acid supplements during pregnancy can reduce the risk of childhood asthma by almost one third, according to a new study.

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Possible treatment targets found for pre-malignant bone marrow disorders

Medical researchers report on a new mechanism that controls blood cell function and several possible molecular targets for treating myelodysplasia syndromes (MDS) -- a group of pre-malignant disorders in which bone marrow does not produce enough healthy blood cells. MDS can lead to acute myeloid leukemia (AML), a fast-spreading blood cancer that can be deadly if not treated promptly. The authors report that overexpression of a protein called TRAF6 in hematopoietic (blood) cells drives the onset of MDS.

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Experts call for expansion of molecular imaging in precision cancer care

New molecular imaging technologies can make it easier to diagnose, monitor, and treat cancers while potentially saving patients from undergoing therapies that are likely to be ineffective and playing a role in minimizing side effects.

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Most doctors ignore one of the most potent ways to improve health

Leveraging existing relationships with friends and family may be a more effective way to improve patients' health and encourage new healthy habits and behaviors than increasing interactions with physicians or other clinicians. In a new perspective article, behavioral economists suggest a five-step ladder to effectively engineering social engagements that promote health and to test their acceptability and effectiveness.

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8 Wonderful Games You Might Have Missed in 2016

2016 was jam-packed with great games. Here are eight that were unjustly overlooked. The post 8 Wonderful Games You Might Have Missed in 2016 appeared first on WIRED.

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Month by Month, 2016 Cemented Science’s Sexual Harassment Problem

To hear a story about sexual harassment in the sciences, just ask a person who has been a woman in the sciences. The post Month by Month, 2016 Cemented Science’s Sexual Harassment Problem appeared first on WIRED.

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