Showing posts from September, 2018 | 'Hangry' may be more than just a state of mind

When you're hungry, everything's annoying and tempers can get short. Now, animal research might help explain why.
More détails | Is coffee good for you?

At just a couple of calories a cup, good old black coffee packs quite a punch - but if you dress your coffee up too much with milk, cream and sugar, you risk negating the health benefits.
More détails | Why you should eat yoghurt even when lactose intolerant

Experts say that there are ways even for people who are lactose intolerant to include this super snack in their diets.
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California Governor Signs Nation's Toughest Net Neutrality Law

Measure sets up possible legal challenge from the Federal Communications Commission.
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Benefits For Hiring LGBT Hair Removal Toronto Experts

By Larry Powell

Many guys who transition into women always go through hair removal process so that they can look more feminine. To effectively procure a procedure from the best experts in the market you need to first of all understand what hair removal is all about. If you are thinking of LGBT hair removal Toronto professionals are the best.

Over time these professionals have acquired the necessary skill to carry out these kinds of services. They know what they are doing and will help you to build your self-esteem by ensuring that you get the results that you want. Using shaving creams and waxing does not stop hair from growing again but getting professional services like electrolysis and laser removal will enable you deal with the problem effectively.

If you are transitioning into a woman then you need to look as feminine as you desire that is why hiring a professional to do the procedure should be on top of the agenda. A professional will not only carry out the process but they wil…

How To Select The Best Hospital For Womens Health Physio ACT AU

By Sandra Russell

The health of the female gender has been one of the most sensitive areas in many countries in the world. It is a result of the susceptibility nature of this group of people, and some of the effects that arise from reproductive issues. This has prompted investments in centers that are able to address such issues. Clarified below is how one can select the most suitable hospital for womens health physio ACT AU has.

Get an establishment that you have been advised about. Issues to do with female gender treatments have been regarded as one of the most sensitive in the health sector. Through that, the government has put in more effort in collaboration with partners to come up with specialized facilities. To get a facility to render services, you need recommendations from reliable sources.

Select a place that offers a wide variety of treatment services. There are so many methods that are used to execute such activities. Some of them are scientific while others are mechanica…

The Reason Why Philadelphia Private Party Bands Is Popular

By Maria Wright

The main concern of most institutions in the society today is the demands of their customers. Customers nowadays are very demanding on their desires and wants. This was the reason why most companies in town are facing struggles and pressure on how they can attain the needs and wants of their respective consumers and clienteles. Philadelphia private party bands was the thing that caught the attention of most occasion goers today.

In life, there are ups and downs. The variation of emotions of people today is very crucial. Some are referring to the harmony of music to ease their stress and problems in mind. Thus, these people that are being called as introverts are way more prone to depression for they are not usual on mingling and sharing things and problems out to other people.

Technology gives a lot of changes in the industry today. There are lots of machines and devices that are invented to help a person perform a particular task accordingly. This is the aid of manki…

The Significance Of Wedding Gown Cleaning Altamonte Springs

By Nancy Anderson

There are countless establishments that are being capable on dealing with the demands of their fellow customers and consumers. For some reason, the competition in the world of business today is way more difficult and hard to fulfill. Nowadays, wedding gown cleaning Altamonte springs went very famous and known in the community.

Washing and laundry services is very common and usual in some parts of different communities. Most householders and parents are referring to these kind of services today. This could ease the stress and hassle of a mother that washes clothes and dress accordingly. Special dresses for occasions needs to be washed accordingly. This is the reason why it is important to deal with good laundry shops that could guarantee the condition of a cloth.

Technology serves as a double edged sword. It could give both positive and negative outcomes. Proper use of tech would give improvement and development to a country. Meanwhile, abusing and exploitation of th…

The Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Top This Week's Internet News Roundup

But at least Zendaya is Meechee, amirite?
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Elon Musk's SEC Lawsuit, Lyft’s Giveaway, and More Cars News

Plus, a secret cabal of flying car advocates, and a bridge that soldiers can build in 12 minutes.
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Plantronics BackBeat FIT 2100 Review: Our Favorite Workout Headphones

Plantronics finally updated my platonic ideal of wireless running headphones.
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These Stitched Photos of Greenland's Icebergs Are Sew Great

Adriene Hughes didn't just make beautiful images—she quilted over them to evoke how nature feels.
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New iPhones, a Heated Razor, and Oculus Quest: September's Best Gear

Plus an Alexa-enabled microwave, the GoPro Hero 7 Black, and more.
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Medical News Today: Can aspirin help treat cancer?

A systematic review of 71 studies suggests that regular aspirin intake may help treat cancers such as colon cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.
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Samsung Galaxy Watch Review: Function, But No Finesse

Samsung's Galaxy Watch puts old features in a new smartwatch.
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Math Titans Clash Over Epic Proof of the ABC Conjecture

Two mathematicians say they found a glaring hole in a proof that has convulsed the math community for years.
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Medical News Today: What lies at the dark core of the human psyche?

At the bottom of all negative personality traits, there is the same driving factor, some researchers argue. A new study explains what this "dark core" is.
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What To Do With Your Old Prewar Gibson Banjo

By Pamela Carter

You will certainly want to do all that you can to learn about the history of these types of instruments before you buy one. It can certainly do a lot to help better inform your decision. It can also make the experience of owning a prewar Gibson banjo much more personal and deep.

You might want to talk to your friends about this sort of thing if you want to know more about it. Since many people who love Gibson instruments have lots of friends who feel exactly the same way about it, you will very likely find that they have some information that you never would have thought of. They might even have a prewar banjo that they would be willing to show you and explain a few things about it along the way as well.

Something that you'll always want to remember when you are talking to these types of people is that bluegrass and the instruments that people use to play that style are considered sacred to those individuals, and they more than likely consider it to be a lifestyl…

What To Expect By Using The Remote Diagnostic Imaging Services

By Sandra Gray

If you start becoming sick, the important thing is to visit that doctor who recommends a given treatment. At the clinic, the analysis is made using technology. Some conditions require that you undergo medical imaging before the treatment comes. Many sick people need the remote diagnostic imaging services which give a visual representation that makes the clinical analysis and treatment easier.

Today, remote radiology is and continuing to become famous and helpful in many ways. The technology allows the doctors and other healthcare professionals to carry out an examination and analysis of the health conditions which affect an individual. By getting the correct reports, the patient can know the complications. The doctor can now give the prescription. The technology allows visual representation and analysis.

The medical diagnostic services invest a variety of modalities and process that takes images of the human body. When taken, they become vital in diagnosing and treatin…

New York Wedding Bands And Its Process

By Eric Schmidt

In this present generation, rich couples nowadays deserve a beautiful matrimony. There are times, rich people request for groups of people that will sing during the process of nuptial. The New York wedding bands are one of the leading groups when it talks about singing for couples nuptials.

The management must have enough groups where it can be recommend from the matrimony celebration. A group without a manager could suffer from lots of problem. If there are no manager, who will supervise the group their career will surely go down. As the manager for the group, you need to build facility where the team could practice daily.

If there are concerns from the couples, it should be recognized and check. The manager must respond the concern of each client, to prevent receiving bad or negative feedback. If there are concerns, it should be legit before making some actions. It will surely waste the time of the manger and team, if the concerns are not legit.

Defected machines a… | 6 legit health and beauty benefits of baking soda

Who knew baking soda came with health and beauty benefits?
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Elon Musk's SEC Settlement Could Have Gone So Much Worse

Musk loses some control over the electric carmaker—and his Twitter account.
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For A Good Obstetrician Waco Women Do Not Have To Look Far

By Patrick Lewis

Medical science has allowed modern women, and families, to be much better able to plan their families and to avoid accidental pregnancies. Therefore, when a pregnancy is planned, great care is often taken to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Many women find this period a time of wonder and of grace and they look forward to welcoming a new being into their lives. By getting the services of an obstetrician Waco families are truly doing everything possible to protect both the mother and the unborn baby.

Many people are confused about the differences between obstetricians and gynaecologists. Both of them are concerned with the female reproductive organs, but obstetricians are specifically concerned with helping pregnant women and their babies during their pregnancies, during the birth process and for the immediate period after birth. Gynaecologists are more concerned with the general health of the female reproductive organs. Many specialists are qualified to practi…

Points On Birth Control In Waco TX

By Carl Morgan

The time one decides to become a parent implies that you are ready to take more responsibility and it does not matter whether you are a male or a female. That is why this writing will be taking a look at birth control in Waco TX and any other information that you are supposed to know. For anyone that has been looking for such information without getting the right results, this is the time for you to be in the know.

Taking a look at some of the details and facts that have been collected by professionals in the same sector will surprise you since millions of people in the world get pregnant because of complacency. Lack of proper information on the necessary guidelines to take is what leads people astray, and before they even realize they have made a mistake, one is already pregnant. In other situations, some people will do it not necessarily imagining what the aftermath of the actions will be.

If you are planning on using any control, the best decision for you to take is…

Facebook Wins, Facebook Losses, and More Security News This Week

The Facebook breach, 3-D printed guns on Broadway, and more security news this week.
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Space Photos of the Week: Hubble Captures the Bubble

Nebula’s stellar wind and the cold core of the Milky Way are this week’s stars.
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Getting A Napa Wedding Planner For Your Dream Wedding

By Christine Carter

A wedding is something most people are willing to spend big bucks on, and nearly everyone is set on making it a memorable and extraordinary day, no matter the turnout. If you are bent on making yours into an explosive affair, you should think of holding the ceremony somewhere exclusive and unique. And by unique we mean somewhere like Napa Valley, California. So you should go on and get your napa wedding planner.

This wedding planner will assist in tailoring the perfect start for your wedded bliss. Forget all the commonplace, familiar tunes of typical church and beach weddings. They only inspire those been around twice vibes. Why not try for a venue that balances out a certain rustic elegance.

Napa has this much to offer in spades, plus more. This city is cradled in Californias Wine Country and is based at the southern end of Napa Valley. It was once pegged as a typical staple for country excursions but now it is a world class destination in its own right. This hub…

Lawyers Brampton Ontario; Getting It All Right

By Daniel Graham

Nearly everything that you on a daily basis is affected by the laws of that land. If you decided to study all the laws affecting your life today, it would probably take you hundreds of years. Having known this, you realize that there are equally many more laws that you are not aware of. You may even end up breaking some of them unknowingly. Should this happen, you would not have explanations to make to the authorities. As it is, ignorance is no defense and especially in this area. The lawyers Brampton Ontario are the best to contact when in a fix. However, you may need a few more pointers to get you sharpened.

When a legal situation crops up, most people get confused. The idea of engaging an attorney appears difficult to many for obvious reasons. Most people are repelled by the thought of these services being overrated. Well, this is not the case and you should never dare legal situations alone just because you fear approaching a legal representative. In the most dese…

Hank Green Explores the Dark Side of Internet Fame, With Robots

The YouTube star's debut novel caused him to grapple with the dehumanizing nature of celebrity.
More détails | Years after pregnancy, heart risks track from mother to child

A mother can pass down a lot of physical traits to her child, such as her smile, eye color, or the shape of her nose - according to new research, she may also be passing along something not as obvious - a vulnerability for developing heart disease.
More détails | From a hole in her heart to the New York stage

While 8 in 1 000 babies have a heart defect at birth, some heal on their own or aren't problematic, Tabitha was among the unfortunate. A hole between her two main heart chambers never closed, causing a myriad of health problems - and logistics issues
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The Best Neato Vacuum is On Sale, and 17 More of Our Best Weekend Deals: Acer, Patagonia, Amazon

Weekend deals from our favorite Neato robot vacuum, Patagonia jacket, Amazon streaming TV devices, and more.
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Speed-Listening and the Trouble With 'Podfasters'

Podcasting is an art, every choice subtle and intentional. When you blow through an episode, you’re gutting the experience of its hard-won nuance and cadence.
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Hurom H-AI Juicer Review: It's Too Expensive, and Juice Isn't All That Good for You Anyway

The Hurom H-AI juicer has a self-feeding auger that works very well. But you probably don't need one in your kitchen.
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Medical News Today: Some cancer therapies may avert cardiovascular disease

Drugs that are currently used for cancer may thwart cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death worldwide, according to a new study.
More détails | Smoking and drinking a double whammy for teen arteries

'Injury to the blood vessels occurs very early in life as a result of smoking and drinking and the two together are even more damaging.'
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Channel Your Inner Fred Flintstone in This Peddle-Powered Car

Yes, someone created a car with bike pedals where the normal pedals should be.
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The Case Against Elon Musk Will Chill Innovation

Investors in Tesla and other Musk ventures should know that the CEO does not always hew to the literal truth.
More détails | Coming soon, computers that will read your heart tests

Researchers in a new study have taught computers key elements of assessing echocardiograms, an advance that might simplify an otherwise extensive process now done by humans.
More détails | Are household chemicals harming your cat?

Maybe your cat is scratching up that couch for a good reason: New research suggests that chemicals found in upholstery and carpeting may harm feline thyroids.
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Medical News Today: Parkinson's: New molecule can stop neural damage

Researchers from Spain have now identified a molecule that could stop the development of Parkinson's disease and reverse neurodegeneration.
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How To Identify The Vintage African Trade Beads

By Christopher Powell

Whenever you look at the African trade beads, you always focus on the colorful and vibrant glory. Many times, you will ignore the question of authenticity. Given that the best beads can affect the way you look, you need to learn how to differentiate the African trade beads from the fake ones if you want to realize your special dreams.

With so any replicas coming from the other nations, you can struggle to identify the original varieties. Be sure to gather as much information as possible if you are looking to learn more about the original pieces. When you want to transform how you look, you may want a proficient precious stone dealer, who has what it takes to get the African trade beads cost-effectively.

With time, you will learn to differentiate the original pieces with the replicas that that come from the neighboring countries. Vigilance is indispensable for people who are trying to find the easiest method of identifying the original products. With a vast array… | 6 ways to a healthy heart

This World Heart Day, promise to eat healthier, get more active, and say no to smoking.
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A Short Outline About The Best Wedding Planner

By Jennifer Taylor

A helper facilitates all parts of an enormous day for a girl of that day and preparation. This can include anything from choosing a dress and building up a subject to anchoring a suitable scene and helping strategy a cooking menu by the best wedding planner in Napa. While numerous parts of a helper work are alluring, it is additionally a position that needs a decent arrangement of fearlessness.

This is with different experts in the ceremony arranging industry, and be alright with a fairly high weight environment. A foundation or instruction in relational correspondence, occasion arranging, business administration or a related ground can enable you to get readied for a vocation in this industry. Employment shadowing or detaining with a set up ceremony organizer can likewise give awesome knowledge into how the business works.

A great many people who have remained locked in will disclose to you that there is much more idea and time that drives into arranging a marriag…

How To Choose The Right Obesity Doctor Miami Florida

By Linda Wilson

When you have decided to seek treatment for your weight issue, your specialist selection will determine the results you get. And so, thoroughly assess a few practitioners around to select a suitable one for you. Learn how to choose the right obesity doctor Miami Florida has for you from the read below.

Get referrals. The easiest way to identify tried and tested bariatric care providers in your area is by getting referrals. Therefore, ask your friend or family members to help compile a list of potential weight loss specialists around. Additionally, you can get the names and contacts of more physicians from your primary care doctor. Performing a simple online search should also yield a couple of names worth pursuing.

When you are researching a weight loss expert, you should start by looking into their credentials. The right specialist to go to for your treatment should be certified by the right board. Board certification shows that a practitioner possesses the training … | Can mouth swab at age 2 predict obesity?

Scientists at Penn State University found the composition of microorganisms in the mouths of 2-year-olds offers clues to the child's future weight.
More détails | Your gynae just said you have a soft cervix – but what does it mean?

Do I need to worry about this, or...
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The Facebook Security Meltdown Exposes Way More Sites Than Facebook

The social networking giant confirmed Friday that sites you use Facebook to login to could have been accessed as a result of its massive breach.
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Medical News Today: Is Gatorade good or bad for you?

Gatorade contains electrolytes that rehydrate people after exercise, but it also contains sugar and artificial colors. Is Gatorade good or bad for people's health? We look at the research.
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Trump's Auto Emissions Plan Is Full of Faulty Logic

A federal proposal to freeze cars' emissions standards argues that climate change isn't worth fighting at the tailpipe, but scientific research suggests otherwise.
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Medical News Today: Is V8 good for you? What to know

V8 is a vegetable juice. It claims to contain high amounts of vitamins C and A, and provide 2 servings of vegetables in an 8-ounce glass. Is it really good for you? Find out here.
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Elon Musk Has Finally Picked a Fight He Can't Win

The Tesla CEO’s decision to refuse an SEC settlement sets him up for battle against the government, and shareholders aren't happy.
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Medical News Today: Is my rash psoriasis or folliculitis?

Psoriasis and folliculitis are both skin conditions that can cause small bumps on the skin. The causes, other symptoms, and treatment of the two conditions are different. In this article, we look at how to identify and treat psoriasis and folliculitis.
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Medical News Today: What is chronic laryngitis?

Chronic laryngitis is an inflammation of the voice box that lasts for more than 3 weeks. It can cause hoarseness and other symptoms. Causes include other illnesses and certain lifestyle factors. Treatment involves resting the voice, avoiding throat irritants, and treating underlying conditions. Learn more here.
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Gadget Lab Podcast: Oculus Quest, Elon Musk and the SEC, and More

The Gadget Lab team talks to WIRED editor and author Peter Rubin about the new Oculus Quest. Also: Why the SEC is suing Elon Musk.
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Facebook's Massive Security Breach: Everything We Know

Up to 50 million Facebook users were affected—and possibly 40 million more—when hackers compromised the social network's systems.
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Medical News Today: What to know about ectopic heartbeats

Ectopic heartbeats are when the heart adds or skips a beat. Ectopic beats are common, not a cause for concern, and anxiety, smoking, or pregnancy can link to them. Learn more here.
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Medical News Today: Exercise could benefit early-onset Alzeimer's

New research supports the idea that physical activity delays cognitive decline and other changes in the rare early-onset form of Alzheimer's disease.
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Medical News Today: How to strengthen the lower back

Lower back pain is common, but doing strengthening exercises can relieve symptoms. Here, learn how to perform a range of exercises and stretches for the lower back.
More détails | WATCH: How boxing empowers Johannesburg’s under-resourced youth

Medical News Today: Drug overdose rates are rising, but can we 'curb the epidemic for good?'

Scientists have conducted in-depth research into drug overdose trends. The findings may help specialists devise strategies to curtail this growing problem.
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Medical News Today: Letter from the Editor: Embracing change

As autumn settles in, Managing Editor Honor Whiteman discusses the importance of change and reflects on the improvements MNT have made this year.
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Five Ways to Cook Spaghetti Squash, Recipe Ideas, and More

It’s easy to understand how spaghetti squash got its name. Even though when sliced open, the raw fruit looks hard and solid just like any other squash, it’s in the cooking that the flesh begins to resemble spaghetti. In fact, the spaghetti squash is so similar to pasta that it’s often used as a healthy pasta substitute.Spaghetti squash (also known as vegetable spaghetti) can range in color from yellow to orange to ivory and is easy to grow in gardens or containers. The flavor of the spaghetti squash isn’t sweet, but has a rather mild taste. In addition to its use as a low-carb spaghetti substitute, the squash can also be used in stews, soups, other vegetable dishes, or even eaten raw.Eating healthy isn’t always easy, but it can be fun -- especially when you give yourself permission to play in the kitchen. Plus, making spaghetti squash is easy -- you don’t need to get out your spiralizer or mandolin to create vegetable pasta. All you need is a fork and some good, old-fashioned muscle. …

The Adequate Systems For Your Eateries

By Cynthia Perry

Companies now are manufacturing products that will help the individuals in their living and businesses. There are things that need to be prevented just like uncertain happenings. You need to be ready always than come prepared or else you will suffer such consequences. That is why eateries now are equipped with the system that will put out flame in case of accidents. The restaurant fire suppression systems NYC gives adequate and reliance to every unexpected incident.

Individuals must practice the safety methods and procedure in every aspects of their life. In order to prevent unexpected happenings they should be ready always so that they will not suffer such consequences that will affect their living. Companies now have developed the systems that will come in handy in preventing small thing from getting worst.

If you are having business like eateries and restaurants you should implement and install this kind of system in your establishments. In order for the customers…

Cold Laser Therapy For Knees Gets Rid Of The Need To Undergo Surgery

By Marie Olson

Because the knees are some of the most used and abused joints in the body, they are at risk of ending up with arthritis. Having knee pain and inflammation can certainly keep you from enjoying a normal and productive life. If the constant intake of painkillers and undergoing surgery are not your preferred options, you may consider cold laser therapy for knees.

Treatments involving the use of lasers used to be popular only among beauty conscious individuals who like to get rid of unwanted hair, acne, wrinkles and scars. These days, they are also getting the attention of people who are suffering from arthritis. That's because they are being dubbed as non invasive solutions for the joint disease. Lasers do not only eliminate pain and inflammation, but also deal with the cause.

Without the use of a scalpel, it's very much possible for affected cartilages situated in the knee joint to be mended. Experts say that lasers yield energy warranted for cellular multiplicati…

Get To Know The Importance Of Lowering Stress Via Yoga Life Reading Phoenix Experts Offer

By Jeffrey Stewart

Exercising and meditating are two of the most important activities that today's very busy individuals have to carry out on a regular basis. They are vital for staying fit as well as considerably reducing one's stress levels. Without these two, it can be extremely challenging to live long and happy. Yoga life reading Phoenix experts offer helps make the importance of dealing with stress known.

It can be fairly difficult to come across a productive adult nowadays who does not experience a lot stress. Feeling stressed is a normal part of living, and no one is exempted from it. Although it's perfectly fine to become stressed once in a while, it is an entirely different matter if being stressed is something that's encountered constantly as it's known to come with an assortment of physical and mental consequences.

According to medical professionals, the health of someone who experiences high levels of stress incessantly can be in grave danger. Initial…

Medical News Today: Is pain relief more effective when delivered by a stranger?

An intriguing new study asks whether a health treatment received from a stranger has a stronger effect than one received from someone you already know.
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'Fortnite' Season 6 Lands, and the Rest of the Week in Games

We've got skins, pets, and spooky purple lights everywhere—and even some stuff that isn't 'Fortnite.'
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Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Chinese Medicine Mission BC Practitioner

By Frank Stevens

The process of healing from various ailments is a long one, and choosing the right health care provider is crucial. If you are looking for an alternative treatment that appeals to you, Chinese medicine is a great choice. The problem comes when selecting a doctor to administer the treatment. Many of those practitioners do not meet the requirements. Below is a guide on how to choose a Chinese medicine Mission BC practitioner.

First, begin by asking for referrals. A lot of people today prefer Chinese medicine. Ask around from these people if you can trust them about their experience undergoing treatment sessions with a specific doctor. Try getting a friend or family member who had a problem similar to yours and received help from these practitioners. If you do not know anyone who has tried it, you might want to research on various websites.

Certification and licensing is the next thing to consider. Someone can train to be a normal medical doctor but if they specialize i…

Voting Machines Are Still Absurdly At Risk

A new report details dozens of vulnerabilities across seven models of voting machines—all of which are currently in use.
More détails | Beware the vampire bat, and not for the reason you think

If the thought of vampire bats sucking your blood for their meals isn't enough to scare you, new research shows they also carry dangerous bacteria that can cause a potentially deadly infection of the heart's inner lining and valves.
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Why a Tennis Ball Goes Flying When Bounced on a Basketball

When you bounce a tennis ball off a moving basketball, the tennis ball goes careening off at high speed. Here's why that happens.
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Digital IDs Are More Dangerous Than You Think

Opinion: Digital identification systems are meant to aid the marginalized. Actually, they're ripe for abuse.
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Say Goodbye to @sweden, the Last Good Thing on Twitter

After seven years, the country's grand experiment—turning its official Twitter account over to its citizens—comes to a close.
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Das Keyboard 5Q Review: Excellent for Typing, Not So Much for Notifications

An internet-enabled mechanical keyboard that brings web and device notifications to your fingertips.
More détails | Smoking may boost irregular heart beat risk

Smoking could raise your risk of developing a rapid heart rate.
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Best Nintendo Switch Deals and Console Bundles (Autumn 2018)

The best Nintendo Switch console deals, and all the essentials you'll need when you own one.
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San Francisco's Dream of 'Zero Waste' Lands in the Dumpster

The city has reduced its trash more than any other American metropolis. But eliminating all garbage, it turns out, is an impractical goal.
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From 'Forever' to 'Atlanta,' Do Standalone Episodes Hurt or Help Their Shows?

The phenomenon has become more frequent in recent years—but while they're always enjoyable, they may be undermining the shows they're part of.
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Medical News Today: Manipulating features of cells 'could help to slow cancer'

A new study focusing on nuclear pores finds that manipulating certain cell features could help to stop cancer cells from thriving.
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Darpa Goes Underground for Its Most Daring Robot Extravaganza Yet

Darpa is calling it the Subterranean Challenge, but you may as well call it the Death to All Robots Challenge.
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